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C.E.O’s Profile

Emem Isong Misodi is an award-winning, frontline screenwriter and producer in Nollywood.  A holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Calabar, Emem ventured into filmmaking in Nigeria when it was not fashionable to do so.

Body of Work

She boldly launched her own production company, Theatre Images in 1994, after resigning from a job at the bank.  Since then she has not looked back and but has gone on to produce the following award-winning movies, ‘Breaking Point’ (1996) ‘A Minute to Midnight’ (1997)’, ‘Emotional Crack’ (2003) winner of the Reel Awards for Best Actress and Best Upcoming Actress of the Year respectively. ‘Private Sin’, ‘Promise Me Forever’, ‘Critical Decision’ winner of the AMA Best Actress and Best Actor of the Year Award, ‘Games Women Play’, ‘Behind Closed Doors’, ‘Games Men Play’, ‘Ekaette’, ‘Fatal Imagination’, ‘A Piece of Flesh’, ‘Unfinished Business’, ‘Mfana Ibagha’, ‘The Wrong Woman’, ‘A Time to Love’ and much acclaimed ‘RELOADED’ (2008) a film that was nominated for African Movie Awards (AMA) for Best Scriptwriter, Editing and Best Music and won several awards including City Peoples Award for Best film, Best Producer of the year and Best Screenplay. 

Other films she has produced include Weekend Getaway, Lonely Hearts, All that Glitters, Champagne, Lagos Cougars, Losing Control (TV Series) and Cougars (TV Series), Apaye (A mothers Love), Lovers and Sinners (TV Series), City Crimes (TV Series), Special Jollof e.t.c.

She currently runs ROYAL ARTS ACADEMY, a school of media that specializes in training people in acting, directing, screenplay writing, costume design, and cinematography, and ROYAL ARTS ACADEMY PRODUCTION a Film Production and Distribution.

In the course of my 25-year career in filmmaking, I have won many local and international awards, and my films have been screened at major film festivals, but unfortunately, none of these is captured in PACT’s list. For example, my film, I’ll Take My Chances”.was featured at the Roxbury International Film Festival,  (a leading film festival for people of color in the US). Other films of mine which have been screened at international film festivals are: ‘Code Of Silence’  screened at the Goteburg Film Festival, Sweden, ‘Ëmotional Crack’ screened at The New York African Film Festival and  “Champagne” which was selected as one of the few African films to be screened at Woodpecker International Film Festival (India’s biggest film festival on issue-based cinema). In 2018, I was bestowed with the African Film Leadership Award at The African Film Festival (TAFF) in Dallas, United States, and I have also won numerous awards in Africa such as the Giama Award, Thema Award, ZAFAA Award, Best of Nollywood Award, City Peoples Award and AMMA awards (Africa’s answer to the Oscars) among others. 

As a pioneering female filmmaker from Nigeria, I have continued to highlight the role of Nollywood (Nigeria’s film industry) in championing the right of women. In an interview with NPR, I argued that “The African woman is strong and the African woman can hold her own in any way.” Details of that interview can be found here:  I also screened my movie “Bursting Out” to a sold-out audience at the Odion Cinemas. London in November 2010. I have done a few projects with notable organizations like Action Health Incorporated (AHI) and The United Nations population Fund (UNPF) where I produced a documentary: An Initiative to Empower – of – School and marginalized adolescent girls in slum communities around Lagos. Lagos State, Nigeria.  

My films have been studied at many universities across Africa, Europe, and America, with significant academic papers written on them.  One of such articles in which my works were showcased appeared in the book ‘Cinema and Social Change in West Africa’ a book written by Jonathan Haynes, a professor of English at Long Island University, Brooklyn.